Geneva NGO Forum Beijing+20 UN ECE Regional Review Outcome Document: Declaration & Recommendations


The final version of the outcome document of the Forum is now published and available for download:

➡️  Geneva NGO Forum Beijing+20
Declaration and recommendations

➡️  Russian translation (no graphic)

➡️  French translation (no graphic)

This outcome document is the direct result of the Forum including 16 roundtables which were organized during this 3-day event on the 12 critical areas of concern of the Beijing Platform for Action and 4 emerging / cross-cutting issues. A first draft version was presented at the closing of the Forum and at the intergovernmental Beijing+20 UN ECE Regional Review meeting on 6-7 November 2014. This final version integrates participants’ input received in the aftermath of the Forum.

The NGO CSW Geneva wishes to thank all the speakers and participants who contributed abstracts, recommendations, and other relevant information and substantive input to the Beijing+20 review process.


With additional thanks to

  • UN Women Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia and Olga Kadysheva (GMPA) for the Russian Translation
  • Catherine d’Arcangues (Global Fund for Women) and Arielle Wagenknecht (OCAPROCE International) for the French Translation


Young Leaders Caucus: youth for gender equality

UN Women ED meets YLC

YLC with Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka after the Forum

The Young Leaders Caucus is an organization of young people, mostly young women, that was born during the NGO Forum.

As young people, they aspire for a world free of violence; a  world  of  peace,  where  democracy  thrives  and  women can  enjoy  and  exercise their  full  rights  as  citizens; a world  of  accountability  for  all  and  by  all.

But as young people, particularly as young women, they are also well aware of the many challenges they face: from street harassment to restricted reproductive rights; from domestic violence to political underrepresentation.srfx6o9ecpvawwkoqhfg

The Young Leaders Caucus wants to ensure that young people are recognized as active agents of change and that their voices are heard!

With this aim, they plan to send 7 representatives to the upcoming UN Commission on the Status of Women in March 2015…. but they need support!

So please see their crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo….
and support their project!

With many thanks!


Civil Society Beijing+20 Review in other regions

Asia & the Pacific

“Women’s rights organisations and movements from Asia and the Pacific, comprising 480 women, gathered in Bangkok on 14-16 November 2014 to call on our governments for accountability for the commitments made almost twenty years ago in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action to advance gender equality and the rights of women and girls, and to realize our aspiration for a region that is defined by development, economic, social, gender and environmental justice.”

See the full statement


Women’s rights organizations meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 14-16 November have called on African governments to re-dedicate themselves to upholding national, regional and international laws and policies that advance women’s rights and gender equality on universal human rights standards already agreed upon and protect them from social moral and cultural arguments and positions.

See the full CSO Position Statement 


Other Videos covering the Forum

Interview of NGO CSW Geneva President Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda – by UN ECE  during the Beijing+20 UN ECE regional review meeting


Published by the US Mission in Geneva – “Members of the U.S. Delegation discuss the November 6-7, 2014 Beijing+20 Regional Review meeting and efforts to advance gender equality and empower women and girls across the UNECE region and beyond.”


Geneva NGO Forum Beijing+20 Declaration

NGO Forum Room

Available for download:

➡️  Geneva NGO Forum
Beijing+20 Declaration

The declaration, which was adopted at the end of the Forum, was delivered on 6 November at the opening of the intergovernmental Beijing+20 UN ECE Review Meeting – See Video below.


See also the Powerpoint presentation with the 10 clusters

… and the slide show which was part of the presentation:


Souvenir: Live performance of the Forum Theme Song, “Maybe it’s you!” !