Participation to the UN ECE intergovernmental meeting on 6-7 November

Representatives from ECOSOC accredited organizations, can attend the UN ECE Beijing+20 intergovernmental meeting that will immediately follow the NGO Forum on 6-7 November. This also applies to representatives of organizations that were accredited for the Beijing Conference in 1995, as well as the subsequent reviews, Beijing+5, Beijing+10 and Beijing+15.

Other NGOs wishing to participate are requested to include in the “Comments”  section of the registration form the information on their organization and activities.
To be accredited to the Meeting NGOs should be based in the ECE region with activities at regional,sub-regional or national level and their activities should relate directly to at least
one of the areas covered by the agenda of the Meeting.

However, those representatives MUST register specifically to this UN ECE meeting (in addition to the registration to the NGO Forum).

Online registration for the UN ECE Beijing+20 meeting of 6-7 November is now open on the UN ECE website HERE (until 27 October 2014)

Please also refer to the UN ECE information note available on the UN ECE Beijing+20 page


Information on Abstracts

We would like to sincerely thank all of you who have sent abstracts, thus providing important substantive contribution to the Geneva NGO Forum for the Beijing+20 UN ECE Regional Review. We sincerely appreciate the time you have spent reflecting and writing on the gaps, challenges and recommendations for the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA).

These abstracts were reviewed by the conveners of the 16 Interactive Roundtables on the 12 critical areas of concern of the BPfA, as well as selected emerging issues, which will take place on Tuesday, 4 November. The conveners of the Interactive Roundtables have utilized these abstracts in 2 ways:

  •  they have invited some authors as speakers in roundtables;
  • and they will integrate this substantive input in the outcome of the Forum

In spite of the high level and relevance of all the abstracts, it was unfortunately not possible to invite all authors as speakers. Please note however, that as participants to the Interactive Roundtables they will have some opportunities to take the floor and give the highlights of their recommendations (albeit within a limited time frame).

Call for Abstracts (input) to the review process

Contribute to this review by bringing your grass-root perspective to the review and by sharing…

  • your assessment of (a) the achievements, remaining gaps and challenges of implementation of one or several of the 12 critical areas of the Beijing Platform for Action in your country or region, as well as (b) cross-cutting and/or emerging issues such as migration, human trafficking, demographic trends, impact of the economic crisis, climate change, etc, that affect your country,
  • your recommendations to your government to further progress on implementation.

More information is available on our Call for Abstracts and its guidance note.

  • If you plan to participate to the Forum, answers to the call for abstract must be done together with the online registration.
  • If you are unable to attend the Forum, you can nevertheless contribute with substantive input and send an abstract here.

The deadline to answer the call fo Abstract is 1 August 2014!

If you have questions or require additional information you can contact us by using the contact form.