Answers to the Call for Abstracts for Non-Participants

The form below is only for people who will not come to the Geneva NGO Forum but nevertheless want to contribute to the Beijing+20 review process for the UN ECE Region (see the list of countries of this region here).

The aim of this Call for Abstract is  to complement national country reporting, i.e.

  1. to collect civil society and grassroots organizations’ perspectives on the assessment of
    (a) achievements, remaining gaps and challenges of implementation of each of the 12 critical areas of the Beijing Platform for Action in countries of the UNECE region, as well as
    (b) cross-cutting and/or emerging issues such as migration, human trafficking, demographic trends, impact of the economic crisis, climate change, etc.
  2. to provide the opportunity for civil society and grassroots organizations to make recommendations to governments for further progress on implementation.

Please see our “Call for Abstracts” and the guidance note for additional details.

Answer to the Call for Abstracts / Substantive Input for non participants


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Call for Abstracts / Input to the review process

  • Before answering the Call for Abstract and uploading your file, please read the guidance note